Ozone Therapy: Five Things We Learned

Ozone therapy is an exciting treatment that many people are turning to to boost their blood health. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Here are five things we’ve learned about Ozone therapy.

1. Ozone therapy potentially offers patients a huge span of benefits.

These benefits may include helping the body heal from stress, injury, or illness. It does this by boosting the body’s natural healing abilities. This is because of the positive effects of having more oxygen in the bloodstream.

2. There are two types of ways to receive Ozone therapy.

One type is called Major Autohemotherapy. This treatment involves having a patient get highly purified ozone put into their bloodstream. This increases oxygen levels throughout the whole body. The other type is called 10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone therapy. Here, the patient’s blood is drawn, infused with pure, rich ozone, then returned to the body. It’s called 10 Pass because a patient is recommended to receive ten passes to get the full benefits of the treatment. (It is also recommended they then continue with maintenance treatment after that – all variably based on the patient’s initial condition.)

3. Ozone therapy doesn’t cause much discomfort while receiving it.

You may feel a pinch when you get the initial puncture but the process itself is tolerable to most patients.

4. Ozone therapy is considered natural.

Ozone therapy is a powerful and effective treatment, but also a natural one as well. Because of this, patients are more likely to feel rejuvenated and possibly healthier when the oxygen gets into their system. This natural treatment might even be thought of as a supplemental treatment for aiding with issues like anxiety, allergies, fibromyalgia, asthma, and other potential illnesses which.

5. Ozone therapy shares some similarities with another treatment called UBI therapy.

UBI therapy uses ultraviolet light to cleanse the blood, potentially offering blood rejuvenation, killing bacteria and viruses, and immunity boosts. Like with Ozone therapy, blood is drawn, the therapy is done to it, and then it is returned to the body.

Here’s a bonus thing we learned: Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills is the best place to receive either or both therapies. They may be purchased in a package deal or separately, depending on the patient’s wishes. It all depends on what you’re looking for, health-wise. Call us to learn more at (310) 407-0542.

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