Are you bothered by fine lines, loss of facial volume, or sagging skin? Face fillers can be used to provide fullness and soften lines.

The most popular dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a molecule our bodies make. Found in large quantities in young, healthy skin, it acts as a powerful treatment to provide hydration and fullness to areas that need a youthful boost.

Hyaluronic acid has become a popular ingredient in facial skincare products, but no topical application is as effective as a dermal filler. Fillers put hyaluronic acid where it’s needed most.

Loss of facial contours often results from loss of collagen, the material that gives skin its support and structure. Hyaluronic acid stimulates the growth of collagen. This can improve the appearance of fine lines, enhance the lips, and plump the cheeks.

Advanced dermal fillers use different versions of the hyaluronic acid molecule. This allows your provider to choose the right filler for any procedure. For example, more flexible fillers give natural-looking lips, while sturdier fillers support and contour the cheeks.

Dermal fillers are injected into areas of the face with very thin needles. You may feel a pinch like any other injection. Some fillers contain lidocaine, which means each injection numbs the area.

How long the procedure lasts depends on the area being injected and the type of dermal filler used. It will usually take from 15 to 60 minutes.

You will start to see results immediately after the procedure. Your results will continue to improve as hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen development. Various forms of hyaluronic acid create different contouring effects.

If you had fillers for cheek enhancement, you will see fuller cheeks that look more lifted and rounded. For the area around the mouth, you will see a decrease in fine lines and younger-looking contours. In the lips, face fillers give you plumper, soft lips without an exaggerated or overdone appearance.

Dermal fillers can last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on which filler your provider uses and the area of your face that is treated. You can have dermal fillers again to restore your results when they start to fade.

Because the body makes hyaluronic acid naturally, it makes a safe face filler that will not cause an adverse reaction. Almost anyone can have this type of dermal filler. Make sure your provider knows if you have had reactions to other fillers in the past.

There is no downtime with dermal fillers. There may be some swelling and soreness in the area, and some people see minor bruising. All of these should go away quickly. You should avoid heavy activity or applying makeup for a few hours after the procedure.

We offer a variety of dermal fillers at affordable prices, including our discount plan on the purchase of multiple syringes.

Juvederm® Voluma Price – $1100 (discount on multiple syringes)
Juvederm® Ultra/Ultra Plus Price – $750
Juvederm® Vollure Price – $800
Juvederm® Volbella Price – $750
Radiesse® Price – $900
Restylane® Price – $900
Belotero® Price – $800

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