Amino acid chains form the building blocks of our body. These peptides build strong bonds to help your body assemble the components it needs to recover and stay healthy.

Our carefully selected and proven peptides, all demonstrated as safe in scientific testing and all naturally occurring in the human body, offer a boost to different areas of your health and metabolism.

This peptide has regenerative properties similar to growth hormone, and it benefits bones, joints, and osteoarthritis.
Available Orally or Injectable

This peptide promotes wound healing, especially in the digestive tract healing ulcers and lesions from inflammatory conditions.
This very small peptide can enter the brain, where it promotes the health of neurons and helps protect them from damage such as neurodegenerative diseases.
This combination of peptides acts like a human growth hormone stimulator, which helps promote weight loss and healthy metabolic function.
This peptide helps stimulate the brain, increasing cognitive functioning, memory, and learning as well as the repair of damaged neurons.
Found in the brain, this peptide can help with pain management, substance withdrawal, and stress. It can also help normalize testosterone levels.
Active in the brain, this peptide helps modulate the functions of key areas of the brain like the hypothalamus and pineal glands.
This peptide plays many roles in the body but some of the most important involve wound healing, preventing free radical damage, and controlling inflammation.
This peptide makes tumors more vulnerable to chemotherapy and other treatments, resulting in more effective and less toxic results.
This peptide influences testosterone levels and sex-related behaviors like drive and motivation by stimulating the release of Leydig cells.
This peptide provides immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory effects.
Released by the cells of the immune system, this peptide works against bacteria and other infectious agents as a front-line defender.
This peptide provides a protective mechanism against UV rays and has been found to have a positive effect on the libido.
This peptide acts as a neurotransmitter, sending signals between nerve cells. It plays an important role in pain management by activating parts of our natural opioid receptor system.
This peptide has shown to increase the secretion of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) for treatment for growth hormone deficiency, muscle and bone wasting, appetite suppressant and Alzheimer’s disease.
This peptide helps protect cells from stress, regulates fat burning and energy production, and can be used by athletes to help enhance performance.
This peptide is used for the relief of osteoarthritis to stimulate cartilage synthesis and prevention of cartilage breakdown.
This has been referred to as the “anti-cancer peptide” due to its ability to target and damage the membranes of cancer cells.
Available in Nasal Spray or Injectable

This peptide works in the brain to stimulate sexual interest, enjoyment, and performance, working for both women and men.
This peptide is used in the prevention of transplant reject because of its immunosuppressive effect. For anti-aging proposes, it eliminates hyper-immunity to rejuvenate your immunity.
Available in Nasal Spray or Injectable

This peptide can act in the brain to help prevent and treat anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD. It can also help regulate metabolism and prevent metabolic syndrome.
This peptide reduces insulin secretion. It is also known to reduce body weight and body fat mass through lowered food intake, reduced appetite.
Available in Nasal Spray or Injectable

This peptide helps improve attention and memory, as well as anxiety and a number of neurological conditions.
This combination peptide helps improve attention and memory, prevent and treat anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD. It can also help regulate metabolism and prevent metabolic syndrome.
This peptide helps with multiple mitochondrial disorders, including aging, mitochondrial genetic disease, ischemia, acute kidney injury, and heart failure.
This peptide acts like a hormone that released human growth hormone (HGH), which affects metabolism and can help eliminate fat.
By affecting the action of dopamine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters, this peptide suppresses appetite and the desire to eat, helping people lose weight.
Also produced naturally in the thymus gland, this peptide enhances the function of important immune system components like T cells.
This peptide plays a role in wound healing and also helps important immune cells in the thymus to mature and fight potential illnesses.
Syringes – 31G 5/16 1ml
(Pack of 10)


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