We all have a few areas of our bodies where we would like a little more definition and tone. With truSculpt® iD, you can achieve the body contouring you want without invasive procedures.

Using truSculpt® iD technology, stubborn fat cells are heated by radiofrequency energy (RF). This energy destroys fat cells without harming the skin, and the fat cells that go away never come back.

The truSculpt® iD is used to apply RF energy to the surface of the skin where it penetrates deep into the layers of fat. While the skin remains healthy, up to 24% of fat cells in the area will die and be removed naturally by the body.

RF energy works because the wavelengths heat up body fat to a higher temperature than the skin. While the skin feels warm, the heat reaching the layers of fat will kill off fat cells.

The body will eliminate these dead fat cells over time. Once they have been removed, they will never grow back, and you should find it easier to maintain your sculpted, healthy-looking body.

As the RF energy is applied to the skin, the skin may feel warm. This can be mildly uncomfortable, but most people find it very tolerable. Fat cells do not send pain signals, so you will not feel the fat cells being treated.

Treatment on one area takes about fifteen minutes. You may have more than one area treated during your visit if you have several areas you want to sculpt.

Treatment is safe and noninvasive, with no irritation or damage to the skin. This makes it an ideal solution for many people who want to remove these areas of fat without more invasive procedures.

You can expect to see a decrease in fat in the treated areas over time. Most people will receive two treatments spaced a few months apart for maximum results.

Results will become more obvious by about twelve weeks after the first treatment. During this time, the body is removing fat cells from the area. On average, treatment will kill 24% of the fat cells.

Most people can get body contouring with truSculpt® iD. It is noninvasive and gentle to the skin. The best candidates are people who have achieved the overall body they want but need help sculpting a few tricky areas.

Body sculpting is not a weight loss treatment, so people desiring to lose weight should consider trying other options. Body sculpting will be waiting to help perfect and contour areas you still have issues with after weight loss.

You can resume your normal activities the same day. You may experience some redness in the treated area for a day or two.

$1950-2200 per area, each additional area 20-30% off.

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