Which IV Fluid is Best for a Hangover?

After too many alcoholic beverages, you may wake up feeling nauseous and suffering from severe headaches in the morning. These symptoms occur because as the body processes alcohol, it leaves behind a variety of toxic by-products. In addition, alcohol dehydrates the body, making you feel even worse. You could spend the whole day drinking water and trying to rehydrate yourself, or you could feel better in only an hour with IV hangover therapy at Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics

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Which IV Fluid is Best for a Hangover?

IV hangover therapy treats all the symptoms of a hangover, stopping many of them within just an hour. An IV hangover treatment may be the fastest way to make you feel better and get you back to your regular activities

This treatment contains:

  • IV fluid hydration
  • Vitamin B12
  • Eight B-Complex vitamins
  • Anti-nausea medication
  • Anti-inflammatory medication

The IV fluid hydration comes in the form of sterile saline, a safe and effective fluid used to deliver most IV medications. Saline has almost the same saltiness as blood, making it effective for rehydration. B vitamins help your body metabolize toxins, while the IV treatment speeds medications to their destination. 

How Does IV Hangover Therapy Work?

While the digestive tract takes hours to get some medications into your system, IV therapy can rush relief through your bloodstream in just one short treatment. By the end of a one-hour treatment, you should feel healthier and more refreshed.

IV treatment is delivered through a cannula, a tiny tube placed in a small vein. The fluid will slowly infuse into your bloodstream, immediately helping you feel less miserable as the body rehydrates. The B vitamins and other nutrients will continue to boost your body’s self-cleansing metabolism to rid your body of alcohol toxins. 

What Will My Results With IV Hangover Therapy Be Like?

By the time you have finished receiving your IV hangover therapy, you may already feel much better. Much of the discomfort of a hangover comes from dehydration, and sterile saline makes a safe and effective way to rehydrate the body. By using a combination of medications and vitamins, this treatment also helps you feel better and helps your body free itself of harmful breakdown products more quickly. 

Is There Any Downtime With IV Hangover Therapy?

This therapy has no downtime, and you should actually feel better afterward. Unlike treatments absorbed through the digestive system, IV treatments can act rapidly to get you back to your usual activities sooner. 

Am I a Good Candidate for IV Hangover Therapy?

If you have a hangover, you are a good candidate for IV hangover therapy. People who have had a reaction to anti-inflammatory or anti-nausea medication should let their Robertson wellness expert know. 


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