Our lives can be stressful and exhausting, and we often reach for caffeine or energy drinks to get us through the day’s fatigue and brain fog. These quick fixes do nothing to address the real reasons you feel so tired.

Fatigue and lack of energy can stem from many causes, including:

Poor sleep or sleep apnea
Depression or anxiety
Hormonal imbalances
Physical health problems
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
Neurological issues

When these or other factors leave you feeling tired and fatigued, an energy boost IV therapy will refresh and energize you.

This restorative treatment includes energy boosters such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, and B-Complex vitamins. All are linked to metabolism and energy, both physical and mental. They help your body turn food into energy, boost your immune system, and may reduce signs of aging by blocking the effects of free radicals.

By infusing this therapeutic treatment directly into your bloodstream, its key vitamins bypass the digestive system. Oral supplements must travel through the digestive system, where they are often not absorbed well. IV treatments deliver the entire dose of vitamins with no waste.

IV therapy also helps to restore and refresh the body by rehydrating it. Not only can dehydration cause fatigue, but it also contributes to many other health problems.

You receive your IV treatment through a catheter inserted into a small vein under your skin. The IV fluid, which consists of sterile saline with a similar composition to your natural blood plasma, carries the vitamins into your body.

You can relax while the energy boost therapy infuses into your bloodstream. You will feel no discomfort as the treatment proceeds. Some people find the process so easy and relaxing that they receive several treatments per week.

You can expect to feel less tired and more energized, with improved alertness and mood. Vitamin deficiencies cause many symptoms, including fatigue and “brain fog”. Energy boost IV therapy delivers a powerful dose of these critical vitamins directly to where your body needs them most.

You will feel refreshed and awake without the need for caffeine or energy drinks. Many people feel fatigued and lack energy because they do not have enough of these important vitamins to produce energy efficiently.

IV therapy is safe and well-tolerated by almost everyone. A good candidate for this type of therapy wants a natural and healthy solution to their fatigue and lack of energy.

You will feel refreshed, energized, and ready to return to your normal activities immediately after your IV therapy.




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