If you need to hydrate and refresh your body faster and more efficiently than drinking liquids, consider an IV treatment.

By the time you start to feel the effects of dehydration, your body is already craving fluids and electrolytes. People lose these through sweating and many other causes. While sports drinks may promise to rehydrate you after exercise or on hot days, they may not always be enough. IV therapy can deliver hydration in a way your body can use immediately.

IV therapy allows the delivery of key fluids and electrolytes directly into your system. When you drink water, it must pass through your digestive system to be absorbed, which slows the rehydration process.

In addition, water does not replenish lost electrolytes, and sports drinks that promise to do so may contain large amounts of sugar without other important elements.

Many people do not realize they’re dehydrated until symptoms begin, which means the body already needs rehydration. Some symptoms include:

Dry mouth

If you have been sweating or otherwise losing electrolytes and fluids, you may benefit from IV hydration therapy to restore these necessary components.

For an IV hydration treatment, a small needle will be inserted into one of your veins. This allows the IV fluids to flow directly into the bloodstream, delivering hydration to your organs and tissues.

Your body will absorb the fluids and electrolytes wherever they are most needed, helping you feel better and eliminate the symptoms of dehydration quickly.

After the IV treatment has ended, your provider will remove the needle. You should feel only a small pinch when the line is inserted and removed, and you should not feel anything during the treatment.

You can expect to see improvements in your symptoms of dehydration. You may even notice the disappearance of symptoms you did not even know came from dehydration. Many people may be chronically dehydrated and not even realize it.

A well-hydrated body has more energy and feels better. This IV treatment especially benefits people who lose more fluids than they can replace just by drinking them. Instead of an ongoing battle with dehydration, you can restore your body’s natural levels of electrolytes and fluids in a short treatment session.

Anyone who would benefit from quick, effective rehydration may be a good candidate for an IV treatment. The solution only contains materials the body uses and needs.

You should feel refreshed and healthier after your IV treatment, and you can go back to normal activities right away. In fact, IV hydration therapy can be used before physically stressful activities to improve stamina and help people rebound more quickly.

The cost of our IV Hydration is $175 per treatment session.

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