How Much Does truSculpt® Cost?

Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, you probably have areas of your body where fat refuses to budge. With truSculpt®, you can finally have the sculpted figure you have worked to achieve. Because fat cells do not grow back, you can consider the cost of truSculpt® a long-term investment in yourself. 

What is truSculpt® iD?

truSculpt® iD uses body sculpting radiofrequency (RF) energy to break up fat cells and give you a slimmer, more contoured figure. This non-invasive treatment works without causing any damage to the skin and lets you go back to your regular activities as soon as you finish.

With truSculpt® iD, you can see up to a 24% fat reduction in the targeted areas, and some people only need one session. The RF energy of truSculpt® iD travels harmlessly through the skin and transmits energy to the fat cells in the form of heat. The damaged cells break apart, making them easy for the body to remove. 

How Much Does truSculpt® Cost?

Costs for body contouring treatments vary between providers. With us, you can expect your price to fall between $1500 to $2200 for your first area. Additionally, with each added area you will receive an additional 20% to 30% off. A consultation will help us determine how many treatments you may need and how many sites you want to target. 

Do I Need truSculpt® iD or truSculpt® Flex?

We offer two types of truSculpt®: truSculpt® iD and truSculpt® Flex. These two body sculpting tools use different methods and can even work together to help you achieve the toning and contouring you want. If your goal is to remove stubborn areas of fat, truSculpt® iD can help you achieve it. If you want to tone and build muscle, even in places hard to tone at the gym, we also offer truSculpt® Flex

Using electrical signals, truSculpt® Flex triggers the targeted muscles to contract rapidly. The system runs through three modes that stimulate warming up, muscle toning exercises like squats and lunges, and muscle strengthening with fast repetitions. This combination primes the muscle for maximum benefits. You see results including a gain in muscle mass, increased muscle strength, and improved tone. 

What is truSculpt® iD Like?

Your provider will mark the locations on your body where they will place the treatment applicators. The truSculpt® iD system has six applicators to treat one large area or several small ones. These become warm during treatment, and some people may find them slightly uncomfortable, but most people find them very tolerable. Treatment of each area lasts about fifteen minutes, but you can have more than one area treated during your session. 

Is There Any Downtime With truSculpt® iD?

You may notice some redness after treatment, but it will fade within a day or two. You will not require any downtime and can go back to your daily routine. Fat does not feel anything, so you will feel no discomfort as the fat cells break down and disappear. 

Am I a Good Candidate for truSculpt® iD?

Ideal candidates for truSculpt® iD have nearly reached their target body weight and want to lose resistant pockets of fat. You may be a good candidate if you are in good health and have reasonable expectations about your results. 

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