IV treatments are becoming more and more popular for their health and beauty benefits. If you have questions about these treatments, we have answers for you.

How Does IV Therapy Work?

An intravenous (IV) line is placed into a small vein with a catheter. This allows fluids to be infused directly into the bloodstream. Because the digestive system cannot make full use of oral supplements, IV treatment delivers key nutrients to the body more quickly.

The fluid infuses into your body over about 30 minutes, giving your body time to absorb all of it.

Does IV Therapy Hurt?

You may feel a pinch when the catheter is inserted. After that, you will not feel any discomfort. You can relax and allow the therapy to start working.

What Does an IV Treatment Contain?

Saline solution forms the base of all IV treatments. Because of its similarity to blood, the body absorbs it and can start using it right away. The other ingredients of your treatment will dissolve in the saline so the body can absorb them as well.

The ingredients of your IV therapy will vary depending on the formula. Some treatments target a specific illness or health problem, while others support and replenish the body.

Are There Any Risks With IV Therapy?

When performed by professionals in a sterile environment, IV treatments are very safe. Most of the vitamins, antioxidants and other supplements in our IV treatments also occur naturally in the body. We provide the safest possible conditions for your treatment.

Can IV Therapy Treat or Prevent Illness?

IV therapy can treat and prevent illnesses and other physical health problems. Many health issues, including a weakened immune system, can result from low levels of key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. IV therapy quickly infuses essential supplements that your body needs.

What Can I Expect From IV Therapy?

You will receive the IV therapy that best meets your needs and goals. You can expect that with any of these treatments, you will feel refreshed and hydrated immediately. Other benefits will continue to develop over several days, and ongoing treatment helps control and prevent many health problems.

IV therapy can offer benefits such as:

Improved immune system function
Healthier hair, nails, and skin
Improved focus and mental functioning

Relief from physical illnesses
Boosted mood and energy

Can I Get IV Treatments at Home?

We will bring our IV therapy equipment to your home, accompanied by professional, trained medical staff. Our concierge service team provides you with all the services of a clinic within the comfort of your home.

How Much Does IV Treatment Cost?

Our IV treatments range in price depending on the vitamins and nutrients in the formula. Our affordable pricing makes our IV therapy perfect for a boost or for long-term health benefits. Prices range from $99 to $299.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about pricing and how to schedule your treatment.

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