How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone therapy is a natural, powerful, and effective treatment for many health conditions. Ozone therapy can be used as a supplemental treatment for asthma, allergies, depression, anxiety disorders, diabetes mellitus type 2, fibromyalgia, and other autoimmune diseases.

We use only pure ozone with no chemical impurities, while some others use machines that produce ozone from the air. This may introduce chemicals into the ozone, while ours will provide you with only the purest treatment.

We offer two different types of ozone treatment:

Major Autohemotherapy
This treatment involves receiving highly purified ozone in the bloodstream, which increases oxygen levels throughout the body and stimulates immune responses that can help calm many auto-inflammatory conditions.

10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy (HBOT)
This treatment provides the maximum amount of ozone possible for a wellness treatment. Your blood is drawn, infused with ozone, and returned to the body. After ten rounds of this, you will achieve maximum treatment effectiveness.


1st Pass | $250

Each Additional Pass | $50

What to Expect:

During the 10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy, you will relax for about 60-90 minutes. During this time, technicians will draw your blood several times, take it to be infused with purified ozone, and then return it to your body.


You will feel no discomfort during this treatment besides the pinch of having blood drawn.
Your results will depend on the health concerns you sought treatment for. As an alternative medicine therapy, ozone therapy can improve conditions including:


Poor sleep
Mood issues
Autoimmune and auto-inflammatory conditions
Chronic Lyme disease
Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
Chronic fatigue syndrome

Due to the general restorative effects of ozone therapy, it also offers powerful anti-aging properties, and regular treatments help stave off signs of aging both on the surface and internally.


Ozone Therapy and NAD+:

The Ultimate Cellular Vitality

NAD+ is found in every cell of your body. It aids in the balance of free radicals and eliminate the primary causes of aging and disease.

Ozone Therapy helps in the production of antioxidants which inactivates free radicals to reduce the oxidative stress caused by them.

NAD+ and Ozone Therapy are two halves of the same whole! Our cellular vitality treatment increases NAD+ in the body while balancing the NAD:NADH ratio with Ozone Therapy.




$ 250 1 Pass / MAH
Every additional Pass @ $50


$ 599 10 passes/MAH
1 Treatment


10 Passes Each Session


$ 2,025 Package of 3
10% OFF


$ 3,180 Package of 5
15% OFF


$ 6,000 Package of 10
20% OFF

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