What Makes Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics Different?

Our highly trained staff maintain a commitment not just to patient care, but to professional improvement, so we are dedicated to constantly improving the quality of our services. We keep prices affordable to make wellness accessible to more people than ever before.

What Conditions Can Be Treated at Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics?

We treat wellness and aesthetic issues, but we also provide maintenance treatments to prevent the progression of many types of health and aesthetic problems. We offer treatments for hydration, immune support, weight loss assistance, and even hangover therapy. We also offer advanced ozone therapy to provide you with intensive anti-aging and health-boosting benefits.

What Types of Providers Do We Have?

Our team consists of:

Vadim Borchenko, RN
Biana Krayevsky, FNP, RN, MSN, BSN
Dr. Madhuri Chadha, MD
Laura Helzer, RN BSN
Teni Danoukh, MSHA

Dr. Dr. Ram Dandillaya, MD and Dr. David Ng, MD form our advisory board. Our team brings several decades of combined experience to your individualized care.

What Services Do Wellness Centers Offer?

Wellness Centers offer treatments that enhance your physical and mental wellness.
These include:

Hydration Therapy
Energy Boost IV Therapy
Hangover Therapy
Immune Boost

Myers Cocktail
IV Weight Loss Therapy
IV Migraine Therapy
IV Stomach Bug Therapy
IV Beauty Therapy
All-Inclusive IV Therapy
NAD+ Therapy
Vitamin Shots

All of these restore natural balance within your body using vitamins, minerals, and proteins your body already uses naturally every day.

Our Aesthetic Treatments Include:

truSculpt® iD
truSculpt® flex
Dermal fillers
Microneedling with PRP
Ozone Therapy

These treatments use the most advanced and well-tested product and equipment available to give you the best possible aesthetic results.

Discover Our Concierge Services

We provide health and beauty treatments and services with the highest level of professional care and standards.

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