What is truSculpt®?

At Robertson Wellness and Aesthetics, we provide two different methods of truSculpt® body contouring to help people reach their goals in their own way. For people who have that excess fat that refuses to budge, or for people who want to sculpt and tone their figure, truSculpt® offers two options: truSculpt® iD for fat reduction and the truSculpt® Flex for muscle toning and tightening. 

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What is truSculpt® iD?

This treatment uses radiofrequency energy. This form of energy causes no damage to the skin’s surface, but it heats up fat cells and causes them to break apart. Over time, the body will remove these broken fat cells, leaving the area looking slimmer and helping to eliminate bulges. 

What is truSculpt® Flex?

This treatment uses an electrical current to make your muscles contract. Your own body uses electrical signals to communicate with muscles, but this system can cause muscles to contract more rapidly. This leads to muscle stress, and stressed muscle will then rebuild itself stronger and leaner. 

What is truSculpt® Treatment Like?

With truSculpt® iD, a handheld device will apply the radiofrequency energy to the area being treated. This may cause a sensation of heat that some people find mildly uncomfortable but some people find very tolerable. 

During a truSculpt® Flex treatment, up to eight pads with wires are placed on the areas of the body that will receive treatment. These send electrical signals to the muscles. The system can duplicate five different types of exercises, and the muscle contractions start slowly but increase in intensity. 

What Will My Results Be Like?

With both types of truSculpt®, you will see the treated areas appear more sculpted. People who want to see reduced fat in a specific area will benefit from truSculpt® iD. With one quick treatment, people can see a reduction of up to 24% of fat. People can even have several areas treated at once to slim and sculpt in less time. Be advised, results require several weeks to develop. 

People using truSculpt® Flex will see muscle toning and strengthening in as little as four sessions. A session takes about 45 minutes, and during that time, up to eight areas can all be treated. 

Is There Any Downtime With truSculpt®?

After truSculpt® iD, you may see flushing and redness lasting a few hours. The skin may feel sensitive for a day or two, but you can resume your usual activities. After truSculpt® Flex, you may feel sore the same way you would after a workout, and you can treat it the same way.

Am I a Good Candidate for truSculpt®?

Ideal candidates for both procedures follow a healthy living program and are near their desired body weight. Most people in good health can receive either type of truSculpt®. However, truSculpt® is not for weight loss. 


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