With all of the challenges it faces every day, your immune system sometimes needs a boost.

Our Immune Boost therapy helps your immune system defend your body, fight off an illness in progress, or recover more rapidly. In its fight against infections, the immune system works better when it has the support it needs.

While vitamins and supplements can help support your immune system, the body only absorbs small amounts through digestion. With IV therapy, the Immune Boost can start acting fast.




IV therapy infuses the Immune Boost in a sterile saline solution. Because its ingredients are either made by your body or a natural part of your diet, they can give your immune system fast, safe support.

As a natural part of our metabolism, we produce free radicals. These rogue molecules damage our cells and contribute to inflammation and a host of other health problems. During an illness, the metabolism works hard to fuel the body, but this produces more toxic free radicals.

By providing it with antioxidants, Immune Boost IV therapy helps the body manage free radicals, and the extra hydration flushes out toxins that accumulate while the immune system fights an illness. It also provides the immune system with key vitamins so it can keep protecting you.

Your provider will insert a catheter into a small vein. This allows the solution to infuse slowly over about an hour. Having the catheter inserted may feel like a pinch, but you should not feel any discomfort during the infusion.

You can expect to feel hydrated and refreshed right away. If you are fighting an illness, you may be dehydrated, and the immediate rehydration may make you feel better.

Your immune system will have the support it needs to fight off pathogens that would otherwise cause illness. You may find that you get sick less often and quickly fight off any cold or flu you do get.

Regular use of Immune Boost IV therapy can keep your immune system primed and ready for any challenge. It can also help control free radicals and prevent them from causing damage to your cells and organs.

Almost all of us should eat more antioxidants, but even when we eat a healthy diet, we still do not always absorb enough. Because they are a natural part of your diet, antioxidant treatments like Immune Boost therapy are safe for almost everyone.

You will not have any downtime. In fact, if you have been feeling ill, this treatment can help you recover more quickly and return to your normal activities sooner.

The cost of our IV Immune Boost is $225 per treatment session.

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