Beautifully healthy skin and hair need to start with nutrition from the inside. Our IV beauty therapy delivers everything your body needs to look its best.A stomach bug can knock you off your feet and leave you dehydrated and miserable. Our IV treatment helps you bounce back.

To look healthy and vibrant, skin and hair need their own unique nutrition. Our IV beauty therapy starts from within to give hair and skin everything they need to thrive. Delivered by IV treatment for maximum benefits, it provides the foundation for a vibrant glow.

Our beauty IV treatment uses skin and hair-loving nutrients, including:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione
  • Biotin
  • Electrolytes

The digestive system has trouble absorbing oral vitamins, and most of them never reach the areas where they are needed. By using IV therapy, these ingredients skip the digestive system and go straight to work in the body.

Our beauty IV therapy helps purge free radicals from the body. These damaging free radicals come from our normal metabolism, but they can make skin, hair, and nails look dull and lifeless.

Purging these free radicals and nourishing the skin and hair has fast results, and many people use this treatment when they need to look amazing for a big event coming up.

A small tube called a catheter is placed into a vein, allowing your provider to administer the IV fluid into your bloodstream. You will feel a slight pinch but no discomfort once the catheter has been inserted.

You will wait while the IV fluid, which hangs in a sterile plastic bag, makes its way into your body. You can relax, read, or use your electronic devices during this time, as long as you do not disrupt the IV site.

Because the fluid infuses slowly, you should not feel any uncomfortable sensations during the process. When treatment has ended, your provider will remove the tube.

Because IV beauty therapy fights off the damage done by free radicals, you should see a rapid improvement in the appearance of your hair and skin. Your skin will look and feel healthier without any invasive facial treatments.

Because these results become visible so quickly, people use IV beauty therapy to prepare for an upcoming event. You look healthier and more vibrant with a straightforward treatment and need no recovery time before attending activities.

Maintenance IV treatments can help maintain your skin and hair in maximum health. Nourished skin has a healthy glow, and new hair growth feels fuller and stronger.

Almost anyone can receive IV beauty therapy. All of the ingredients consist of vitamins and compounds your body uses every day. Treatment replenishes levels and boosts activity.

You should not have any downtime or side effects from this IV treatment. Our bodies use these beneficial compounds every day, but many people do not get enough of them.

The cost of our IV Beauty Therapy is $275 per treatment session.




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