We offer a wide variety of medical-grade IV infusions to provide health benefits and treatment of medical conditions.

Some medications do not survive transit through the digestive system, so the only way to administer them effectively is IV therapy. These include small proteins such as antibodies and other medications that can break down in the stomach.

IV therapy can provide medications directly into your bloodstream to maximize their effectiveness, help them work faster, and help you start feeling better sooner.

Our medication IV infusions include, but are not limited to the following:

Iron Therapy

Many people have an iron deficiency and don’t know it. Other people have anemia and need regular doses of iron to make healthy red blood cells. The digestive system does not absorb iron well from pills or from the diet, so an IV treatment gets more iron into the bloodstream where the body needs it most.


If you have been prescribed antibiotics, an IV infusion may be the best way to deliver them. Notorious for wiping out healthy bacteria in the gut, antibiotics may have fewer digestive system side effects when given by IV therapy. The medication also gets where it needs to go faster.

Immunoglobulin Medications (IVIG)

This treatment, which can only be delivered by IV, uses immune system antibodies from blood plasma. These antibodies help the body fight infections and stay healthy, even when the immune system is suppressed or impaired.

Monoclonal Antibody Infusions

Monoclonal antibodies form naturally in the immune system when the body encounters a virus or bacteria. For people who have an infection their body has never seen before, or for people whose immune system does not make enough antibodies, this treatment can help.
(Note: Monoclonal Antibody Infusions can only be delivered in your home)

We can provide many other medical IV infusions, so please call to enquire about our other options.

Your provider will place a small cannula that allows the medication to flow through a tube and into the bloodstream. Your medication comes dissolved in a sterile solution for safe administration.

You can expect your medical treatments to work more effectively than ever, and you can enjoy the benefit of receiving these treatments in your home safely and privately.

If you have been recommended or prescribed a medical treatment that we can give through IV therapy, you may be a good candidate. We provide some of the highest-grade and most advanced antibody and immune system support treatments available and many others.

You will have no downtime after your infusion. If drowsiness or other side effects occur with your medication in oral form, they may also occur in IV form.




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