How Long Does IV Therapy Last?

IV therapy administers hydration, supplements, nutrients, and medications directly into your bloodstream. The body can utilize them more efficiently this way since the digestive system takes a long time to process nutrients and often does poorly absorb them. 

IV Therapy Beverly Hills

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy uses vitamins, nutrients, and other beneficial supplements dissolved in a saline solution. This saline solution carries the IV treatment into the bloodstream, where it rushes throughout the body to reach any areas where the cells can use it. These treatments range from short-term problem solvers such as the IV Stomach Bug treatment to long-term wellness support.

How Does IV Therapy Work? 

You will receive a targeted blend of supplements during an IV therapy session to provide specific benefits. These supplements, which include vitamins, are dissolved in sterile saline, so the body quickly absorbs them. An IV line will be placed in a small vein, and the saline solution will infuse into your bloodstream. 

How Long Does IV Therapy Last?

Some IV therapy treatments may only last a few days. IV Hangover therapy, for example, only needs to last as long as your problem does. Vitamins and other supplements may last in the body for several days. However, the body will either use or filter out the remaining vitamins over time. Treatments like the Myers Cocktail require regular, ongoing administration for people to reap the benefits. Many treatments will provide increasing benefits with ongoing use. 

What Results Will I See With IV Therapy?

You will see the results of some treatments even before you finish the therapy. Others work as both immediate and long-term support for the body. IV therapy can boost the metabolism, support and strengthen the immune system, help the body control inflammation, and even aid in the treatment of conditions like depression. 

Is There Any Downtime With IV Therapy?

You will have no downtime with IV therapy. In fact, the purpose of many IV therapy treatments is to get you back on your feet and feeling better faster. Infusions in our sterilized and private facility protect you from any risk of infection. We also provide in-home IV therapy to bring treatment to you if you do not feel well or if it fits better with your schedule. 

Am I a Go Candidate for IV Therapy?

Since our body uses many of these vitamins and nutrients every day, IV therapy is safe for almost everyone. Our concierge service brings therapy to you so you can avoid exposure to viruses or other immune system challenges. 


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