Is truSculpt iD Painful?

TruSculpt iD is a treatment offered at RWA Center in Beverly Hills that can help patients achieve the body contouring they desire without dealing with any invasive procedures. Many people are turning to this treatment and loving their results.

Yet, many may have questions about tru body sculpting. One specific question people might have is: is truSculpt iD painful? The good news is that, in fact, while your skin may feel warm while the RF energy is applied to your problem areas, it will likely be mildly uncomfortable at worst. And most people actually find the treatment to be quite tolerable.

How can this be? Well, the answer is actually not that hard to explain. TruSculpt iD works by targeting fat cells, and fat cells are not the kind of cells that send any pain signals, thus when they are being treated, they won’t be sending any kind of messages to your body. They’ll just be in the process of getting removed.

TruSculpt iD is not an invasive procedure. The process is safe and non-invasive and causes no irritation or damage to the skin. That makes the process an ideal solution for people who want to remove areas of fat without having to deal with the issues that come with an invasive procedure.

TruSculpt iD applies RF energy to the surface of your skin which penetrates deep into the layers of fat. The wavelength of the RF energy heats up fat cells to a higher temperature than the person’s skin. Thus, the skin might feel warm, but the heat will reach the layers of fat beneath it and kill off the fat cells. The good news is once those fat cells are eliminated, they never grow back. This kills up to 24% of fat cells in the area while leaving your skin perfectly healthy and unharmed. These fat cells are then later removed naturally by your body. It’s that easy.

You might be wondering if you are a good candidate for a tru body sculpt. Very likely. You can visit us at at RWA Center in Beverly Hills and we can help you decide, but truSculpt iD is non-invasive and gentle to the skin, and the best candidates for truSculpt iD are people who have already achieved their desired overall body but need some help sculpting a few remaining areas that are a little trickier. That can be a lot of different people! And this treatment might possibly make it easier for patients to maintain their new sculpted, healthier looking bodies afterwards.

We should note that truSculpt iD is not a weight loss treatment. If you’re looking to lose weight there are other options you should consider trying first. truSculpt iD is a body sculpting therapy, instead, that will help you perfect contour areas you have issues with after the weight loss but it’s not meant to lose the weight itself.

The treatment lasts only about 15 minutes to target one area. You may have more than one area treated during your visit if there are several areas you would like to sculpt. Then, afterwards, there’s no down time. You may resume their normal activities the very same day.

You can visit us at RWA Center in Los Angeles to learn more or call us at (310) 407-0542.

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