How Much Does UBI Treatment Cost?

RWA Center in Los Angeles has various treatments which can help patients with multiple ailments. These supplemental therapies are called UBI and Ozone Therapy.

Let’s start with UBI. This is a treatment for blood offered at RWA Center in Beverly Hills. UBI stands for ultraviolet blood irradiation. It is a proven and safe medical therapy that may rejuvenate your blood, kill viruses and bacteria, and boost your immune system. Repeated studies on the matter have shown UBI to have positive results and no negative side effects.

UBI and Ozone Therapy

When you go to receive a UBI treatment, a clinician will put an IV into your vein and attach it to an ultraviolet light emitting machine. Your blood will then be cleansed with a UV light, which will kill bacteria in just the same way that sunlight does. Your UV cleansed blood will then be returned to your body. Generally speaking, six to eight treatments at twice a week will be able to show results for many patients, though some patients might need differing amounts of UBI sessions depending on other variables, including their immune system.

RWA Center in Beverly Hills also offers Ozone therapy, which may help the body heal itself from injury, stress, and illness. Ozone therapy enhances your body’s natural healing abilities by providing extra oxygen to your tissues and enhancing your blood with ozone. This boosts the oxygen in your system and may make you feel healthier and more rejuvenated.

Ozone therapy is an effective, natural, and powerful treatment. It may even help as a supplemental treatment for things like allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder, and more.

But as to the question you may be wondering: how much does UBI therapy cost? At RWA Center the answer returns to the question of how many treatments you and our experts determine are best. One treatment of Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, or UBI, is $250. You can save by buying a package of five treatments, which will be $1,125. This will cut a nice $125 off your cost.

Also, if you were interested in both a UBI treatment and an Ozone Therapy treatment, you could buy a package of one of each for just $300.

To learn more about either, or both, of these useful treatments, you can visit us at RWA Center in Beverly Hills and contact us at (310) 407-0542 for more.

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