How Much Does Ozone Therapy Cost?

Here’s something interesting: there are a couple of treatments you can get at RWA Center in Los Angeles that have to do with your blood.

We all know how important blood is. It’s the oil that keeps our machines running. And much like with oil, it helps to keep it clean and in tip top shape.

Step in two supplemental blood therapies called Therapy Ozone and UBI, both of which can be received at RWA Center in Beverly Hills.

how much does 10 pass ozone therapy cost

Ozone Therapy offers multiple potential benefits. For one, it may help heal the body from illness, injury, or stress by enhancing your natural healing abilities. How does it do this? By providing you extra oxygen, getting it to your tissues, and enchanting your blood with rich, healthy, and pure ozone.

When you boost the oxygen in your system, you may feel healthier and more rejuvenated. That’s what makes Ozone Therapy a natural, powerful, and effective treatment.

It is possible that Ozone Therapy can even be used as a supplemental treatment to help with ailments like fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder, asthma, allergies, and other things which may be causing you strife.

There are two types of Ozone Therapy.

One is called Major Autohemotherapy. This is when you get highly purified ozone put right into the bloodstream, increasing oxygen levels to the whole body.

A second is called 10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy. Here your blood is drawn, gets infused with ozone, and then returned to your body. It’s called 10 Pass because it is recommended you get up to 10 passes for the full benefits and then continue with maintenance treatment. This all may vary depending on your condition coming in.

The other blood treatment is called UBI, which stands for ultraviolet blood irradiation. This safe and proven medical therapy has the possibility to rejuvenate your blood, give you an immune boost, and kill viruses and bacteria in the bloodstream. This is a treatment that has been shown, through repeated studies, to have no negative side effects. Here, your blood is drawn and passed through an ultraviolet light emitting machine, which will cleanse your blood with a UV light and return it to your system. 

How much does ozone blood therapy cost?

So let’s answer the question posed originally: how much does Ozone Therapy cost? The answer does depend on how many treatments you and our experts determine will be best for you, but there are some basic numbers we can look at.

One pass of Ozone Therapy is $250. You can buy 10 passes for $750 for further savings. For even more savings, you could get a package of 3 10 Pass sessions for $2025, a package of 5 10 Pass sessions for $3180, and a package of 10 10 Pass sessions for $6000, which comes out to 20% off.

If you were interested in combining both an Ozone Therapy and a UBI treatment, you could get a package of one of each for just $300.

You can contact us for more info or to book an appointment and come talk to us about getting your blood feeling better!

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