What is Evoke?

You may have heard of truSculpt iD. It is a treatment offered by RWA Center in Beverly Hills that does body contouring.TruSculpt iD uses radiofrequency energy (of RF energy). It works by applying the RF energy to the surface of your skin. This energy penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, down to the fat underneath it and it can kill up to 24% of the fat cells in that area. It does all this while leaving your skin essentially untouched.

What happens is the radiofrequency energy’s wavelength is able to head up your body fat to a high temperature. The skin just feels warm but the fat cells are killed off. And fat cells are not the type of cells that send pain signals, so you do not even feel it when they are being destroyed and removed.

Those fat cells are removed naturally by your body, by the way. And once they have been removed, they do not grow back, which makes it easier for you to maintain your newer, healthier looking body after the truSculpt iD therapy.

So why do we bring that all up? Because truSculpt iD is not the only treatment at RWA Center in Los Angeles to use radiofrequency energy. It’s a good starting point to learn about how that energy works.

The other therapy that uses radiofrequency energy is called Evoke. With Evoke, radiofrequency energy is applied to your facial areas to remodel the elastin and collagen in the layers under the surface layer of skin. This process is intended to result in a more defined and lifted look for your facial features.

The other cool thing about Evoke is that it is the only device of its nature to go almost completely hands-free during treatment, so you don’t have too much hovering over you while you receive your therapy.

In both of these treatments, the heat produced by the radiofrequency energy does not damage the skin in any way but it does help break down and disrupt the fat in the area. Interestingly, it also helps to trigger the healing response within your body, which will cause it to produce new collagen and improve the appearance of your skin.

We should use this spot to note that neither TruSculpt iD nor Evoke is a weight loss treatment. They are excellent solutions for removing problematic areas of fat without requiring an invasive procedure, but they are not meant to help you lose weight itself.

If you are interested in either procedure, you should contact us and set up an appointment to have a consultation and we can discuss how to help you get on your way towards a more ideal body!

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