Evoke and UBI: How Much Do They Cost?

There are two fascinating and useful treatments a patient can receive at RWA Center in Beverly Hills but many might have questions about how much these treatments cost. Let’s look at these two treatments and then discuss the prices.

First up: Evoke.

Evoke is a therapy that uses radiofrequency energy in the deeper layers of the skin to remodel the elastin and the collagen. This treatment results in a more defined and lifted look for a patient’s facial features. Evoke is the only device of its kind to be almost completely hands-free during treatment, too.

Evoke and UBI

Evoke applies the radiofrequency energy (or RF energy) to the surface of the skin and it penetrates into the deeper layers of fat. The heat produced disrupts and breaks down fat in the area while doing no damage the patient’s skin in any way. This process also helps trigger the body’s healing response, which will then cause it to produce new collagen and improve the appearance of the skin.

This creation of new collagen while breaking of the fat cells in the area works together and creates a more contoured look at the treatment area. These areas can include the face or under the chin, for example.

The cost for a treatment session of Evoke is $500.

Next up: UBI.

This treatment offered at RWA Center in Los Angeles is for the blood. UBI stands for ultraviolet blood irradiation. This is a safe and proven medical therapy that can kill viruses and bacteria in your blood, rejuvenate it, and then may boost your immune system. Repeated studies on the matter have shown UBI to have no negative side effects.

When a patient receives a UBI treatment, the clinician puts an IV into their vein and attaches it to a machine that emits ultraviolet light. The patient’s blood will then be cleansed with a UV light, which, through properties similar to sunlight, will kill bacteria. The blood, now UV cleansed, is then returned to the patient’s body. Usually, six to eight treatments, twice a week, will be able to show results for many patients, though some patients might need other amounts of UBI sessions depending on variables, including their immune system.

And how much does UBI cost? It depends on the number of treatments, which you can determine after consultation with our experts, but one treatment of UBI goes for $250. If you buy a package of five treatments it will be $1,125, which slices $125 off your cost.

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