How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone therapy is an exciting treatment that may help the body heal itself from injury, illness, and stress. How does it do this? That is a good question.

Ozone therapy works by enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities. It boosts the oxygen in your system and can make you feel healthier and more rejuvenated.

So what is ozone therapy? To put it simply, ozone therapy provides extra oxygen to your body’s tissues and enhances the blood with ozone. This is considered a natural, effective, and powerful treatment. It’s possible that ozone therapy may help as a supplemental treatment for things like fibromyalgia, allergies, depression, autoimmune diseases, asthma, anxiety disorder, and even diabetes mellitus type 2.

You might be wondering if you’re a good candidate for ozone therapy. In fact, most people can safely receive ozone therapy. Most health problems will not exclude you from getting the treatment.

Is there any downtime with ozone therapy? There is generally not that much downtime. You could feel a little tired after a treatment but this will resolve within a few hours and then you may resume your normal activities.

Ozone therapy in Beverly Hills at RWA Center is offered with pure ozone and has no chemical impurities, which can be a very important thing that many people tend to look for. Many other places that provide a similar but lesser version of ozone therapy use machines that produce ozone from the air, which makes it possible to to introduce chemicals into the ozone. That is not something that you want. RWA Center uses only the purest ozone.

RWA Center in Beverly Hills offers two types of ozone therapy. One form is called Major Autohemotherapy, or MAH. This is when the patient receives highly purified ozone directly into the bloodstream, which increases oxygen levels throughout the body. This stimulates immune responses.

The other type of ozone therapy offered in Beverly Hills at RWA Center is called 10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy (HBOT). This treatment involves drawing blood, infusing it with ozone and returning it to the patient’s body. It is recommended the patient get up to 10 passes for the full benefits and continue with maintenance treatment. This may vary depending on the condition of the patient.

That treatment may take about an hour and a half, during which time the patient can relax as the trained technicians help them out.

More and more people are turning to the exciting ozone therapy for better health results!

Reviewed by Dr. Ram Dandillaya, MD

Advisory Board

Dr. Dandillaya is Board-Certified in cardiovascular diseases and internal medicine. He holds subspecialty certifications in echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and cardiac computed tomography. Dr. Dandillaya was named Cardiologist of the Year by the Las Vegas chapter of the American Heart Association in 2017. He has also been the recipient of the Circle of Friends and Standing Ovation Awards from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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