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What Nobody Tells You About NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy is a treatment that can do a laundry list of things for a patient who receives it. Many are curious about it and are asking medical professionals about it but are they telling people everything there is to know?

Here’s what nobody is telling you about NAD+ IV therapy.

The therapy has been deemed to be safe and effective.

It is an injection that provides the peptide NAD to a patient. Let’s explore that a little bit and see what that means.

Peptides occur naturally within people. They have a wide list of various health benefits that they offer people and they also perform all sorts of tasks. They are vital to humans and a peptide therapy to boost them might give patients a wide range of benefits.

NAD itself is a peptide. Its functions within the human body may be to potentially sharpen a person’s cardiovascular health, improve a person’s eyesight, decrease a person’s internal pains, boost a person’s energy, or even speed up a person’s recovery time from injury.

NAD is able to potentially perform such a wide range of these useful things because it acts as a signaling peptide. It sends messages to other enzymes in the body and tells them to activate themselves. They then will start their processes and provide useful benefits to the patient. That’s why a NAD boost can be so helpful.

Another thing people might not tell you about NAD is that there may possibly be a connection between NAD and the aging process in people. Some scientists have discovered that there is a potential connection between decreasing levels of NAD in the body and that very aging process. The next possible conclusion might be: could NAD hold the very key towards slowing down the aging process?

Something else you might not learn about the treatment is that it is actually a pretty quick and easy procedure, which you might not expect.

The patient is inserted with an IV and then gets a saline solution containing NAD delivered to their system. The whole process takes about an hour so the body has as much time as possible to absorb the NAD. During the procedure, the patient may read or watch TV and often patients report little to no discomfort.

There’s also no downtime to the process. A patient can receive it and get back to their day right away.

You might also not know about how useful an IV is towards getting benefits to the patient. It bypasses the digestive system so the patient doesn’t lose any benefits of the treatment along the way there. They get it directly to the bloodstream so it can help as strongly and as quickly as possible.

So now that you’ve heard what nobody will tell you about NAD IV therapy, you can try it for yourself. It’s offered at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hilsl so if you’re interested, call (310) 407-0542.

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