What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

While science still has many questions about why we age, we know that older cells become less efficient at taking care of their DNA. Age also brings metabolic changes that affect energy levels and overall health. A critical coenzyme called NAD+ regulates many vital cellular functions. You can boost your levels of this coenzyme and feel more youthful with NAD+ IV therapy

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

Cells use NAD+ as a coenzyme that signals other enzymes to start working. Many biological processes could not occur without NAD+ from primary metabolism to DNA replication. Levels of NAD+ decline with age, and these decreasing levels may contribute to the aging process. NAD+ IV therapy offers an effective way to deliver this coenzyme to the body. Although not absorbed well through the digestive system, NAD+ has near 100% bioavailability when given as an IV. 

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What Can NAD+ IV Therapy Treat?

Restoring your natural NAD+ levels boosts many functions that rely on this coenzyme, including:

  • Improvement in energy levels
  • More active metabolism
  • Better memory and cognitive performance
  • Promotes cellular health
  • Protects DNA

The most powerful anti-aging results come with long-term use. NAD+ prevents DNA from accumulating errors that can lead to cell aging and death. Keeping levels of this coenzyme high helps your cells work like younger cells. With continued IV therapy, you can have long-term anti-aging protection and DNA repair.

What is IV Therapy Like?

Your IV therapy begins with a small pinch as your provider inserts the IV. Once it has been placed, you will not feel it. The NAD+ treatment comes in a solution of sterile saline. This fluid has the correct electrolyte balance to hydrate your body and help it absorb the treatment. 

The saline solution containing NAD+ infuses slowly into your vein for an hour or longer to give your body a chance to absorb the maximum amount. You can relax, read, or watch a movie while receiving your treatment. You will not feel any discomfort and will barely notice the IV line. 

How Much is NAD+ IV Therapy?

We offer NAD+ in several doses and forms so pricing will vary. Depending on your recommended treatment, your cost will range from $120 to $350. We will determine the best NAD+ treatment regimen for you based on your age, health, lifestyle, and personal goals. We will evaluate based on these factors what dose of NAD+ you should receive and how often.

Is There Any Downtime With NAD+ IV Therapy?

You will usually feel refreshed and rejuvenated after IV therapy due to the hydration boost you receive. You can return to your regular activities as soon as your treatment has finished. NAD+ occurs naturally in the body, so no adverse reactions are expected to occur. 

Am I a Good Candidate for NAD+ IV Therapy?

No matter who you are, you rely on NAD+ to manage many of your vital functions. Everyone needs NAD+, and almost everyone can benefit from improved levels. Higher levels of NAD+ protect your cells from aging and keep you looking and feeling younger. Make sure your provider knows if you have ever reacted to the ingredients of an IV treatment before. 

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