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Unlocking the Power of NAD+ IV Therapy

The treatment known as NAD+ IV therapy is a tremendously fascinating therapy that is doing all kinds of interesting things for the patients that are receiving it. Word is spreading amongst the community about it.

But what is the treatment? How has the power of this treatment been unlocked? And what other secrets might it hold? Let’s look deeper.

First, a look at what NAD IV therapy is.

The therapy is a treatment that is thought to be safe and effective and could possibly provide all sorts of important benefits to the patients who receive it.

NAD itself is a peptide. Peptides are things that occur naturally within a person’s body and they provide a long list of important health benefits that are vital to people. They also will perform a series of useful tasks within a person.

NAD’s functions include a long list of things that may be deemed to be very useful in patients. These things include functions like possibly aiding in improving a patient’s eyesight, or boosting their energy, or decreasing their internal pains. NAD may also possibly sharpen cardiovascular health in a patient or even speed up their recovery time if they have an injury. Thus one may see why it could be beneficial to participate in a peptide therapy that would increase the levels of NAD in their system.

This is all possible because NAD works as a peptide that signals other peptides to perform their vital functions. When it is activated, it activates other peptides to start working and begins their natural processes.

Another interesting power potentially being unlocked with NAD relates to aging. Some researchers have noticed that there is a potential connection between decreasing levels of NAD in people’s bodies and aging itself. Thus, the question has been raised: if the levels of NAD could be boosted in a person, could that have a positive effect on their aging process, or rather have a slowing effect on it?

The other thing about NAD IV therapy that is powerful is how quickly and easily a patient can receive it. They simply have to have an IV inserted and sit for about an hour as a saline solution is delivered to their system. The solution has NAD in it and the process allows the body to absorb as much of it as possible. The IV provides the added benefit of bypassing the digestive system so that none of the benefits are lost in it.

Many patients report that the process is actually quite tolerable. They can spend their time watching a movie or reading and barely notice the IV. Then, when it is done, they can return to their normal schedule without any downtime.

This powerful treatment can be obtained at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills. Call to set up an appointment at (310) 407-0542.

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