The Latest Achievements in Body Contouring

Science is constantly making new advancements in all sorts of fields. It can be hard to even keep up with what’s new. So let us use this blog to fill you in on some of the most exciting advancements in body contouring.

One thing people may have heard about recently is discussion of a non-invasive facelift. Now that obviously sounds quite intriguing. Are people suggesting one may be able to receive the benefits of getting a facelift without the stress that comes with a potentially invasive surgery? Sign us up!

If you’ve been hearing about the non-invasive solution to the facelift, you may have also heard that the place you’d want to go to get one is at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills, California.

RWA Center has a revolutionary treatment known as Evoke, which is giving many patients the results they may see from an invasive facelift without causing them very much medical distress or other issues.

What happens during an Evoke Treatment is that radiofrequency (or RF) energy is applied to the patient’s facial areas. This radiofrequency energy remodels the collagen and the elastin in the layers under the skin, beneath the surface layer. This is quite the achievement in body contouring. You’re able to affect the problem areas of the face while not having to physically cut open the patient.

When radiofrequency energy is applied to the areas in need of contouring on the face, the end result is a more defined look for the patient. It is what many patients consider to be comparable to the lifted look that other patients need invasive plastic surgery to receive. The benefit here being, of course, no surgery.

Evoke Treatment is a generally simple therapy to receive. The heat produced by the radiofrequency energy causes no damage to the skin. The energy is the right frequency to break down and disturb the fat in the areas of application but not the skin cells themselves. Fat cells have no pain sensors as well, so the body does not receive any pain messages as those fat cells are destroyed.

What the body does is start a healing response. This causes the body to create new collagen in the area of application, which helps improve the appearance of the patient’s skin.

Another neat achievement in body contouring with the Evoke Treatment is that the device that’s used to apply the radiofrequency energy to the patient’s face is one of the only ones of its nature to go almost completely hands-free during the session. You can obviously see how this might also be a nice benefit to the patient.

Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills can set you up with an Evoke treatment by itself, if those are the only benefits you’re looking for. However, if you are interested in a larger, life-changing program – our comprehensive weight loss program – it comes with three free sessions of Evoke treatment, a value of three thousand dollars.

Give us a call at (310) 407-0542 to set up an appointment or to hear more.

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