The Big News About NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy is a thrilling treatment that many around the medical community are talking about. Patients are starting to talk about it as well. But maybe not everyone has heard the big news about NAD IV therapy. If you haven’t, this is the blog for you.

NAD+ IV therapy is an efficient, and importantly, safe therapy that gives patients all the various important benefits of NAD.

And what is NAD? It’s a peptide. Peptides occur within a patient’s body naturally and provide that patient all sorts of vital health benefits. They also perform multitudinous manners of tasks.

NAD, as an example, may potentially decrease your internal pain, boost your energy, sharpen your cardiovascular health, speed up injury recovery time, and even help with your eyesight. How does NAD do all this? By being a peptide which sends signals to other enzymes, activating them and beginning their natural processes.

You might imagine how receiving a peptide therapy like a NAD treatment might then be quite beneficial. Being a key coenzyme, NAD gets positive effects for metabolic functions all throughout the body.

The other big news about NAD is that some scientists have begun to notice the connection between aging and decreasing levels of NAD in patients’ bodies. Could this mean NAD holds the key to slowing the aging process? Potentially! It may prove beneficial to patients seeking such a thing to boost their levels of NAD.

NAD+ IV therapy is beneficial in another way: it’s very direct. Lots of supplements offer you benefits if you digest them, but the problem with this approach is that when you digest anything, you lose much of the benefits along the way. Whatever has been digested must pass through the long digestive system, which breaks it apart. As this happens, you may lose benefits and your body may not absorb everything that’s being offered.

With an IV therapy, the patient’s body receives the benefits of any therapy right in the bloodstream, thus allowing the patient to receive the benefits almost immediately and lose fewer benefits in the process.

Another excellent thing about NAD IV therapy is that it is fairly quick and fairly easy to receive if you are a patient. The patient simply has an IV inserted and then a saline solution is infused into the patient’s vein for about an hour. The solution contains the NAD, of course, and the hour-long process allows the patient’s body to absorb as much NAD as possible. The IV causes just some discomfort for some people, but many patients do not even notice it and spend their time watching a movie or reading. There is no downtime ot the therapy and patients may return to their normal day schedule when done.

So now that you’ve heard the big news about NAD IV therapy, you should know you can learn more about it at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills. Call (310) 407-0542 to book an appointment!

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