Revealed: The Science Behind an IV Immune Boost

Through modern science, we can do a lot of fabulous things. Not just in the world, but even on a smaller scale. Science has helped ways our bodies work and ways they’re able to interact with the world around us.

One such way that science has improved our personal selves is by improving our immune systems, so that we may potentially fight off illness better. And one of the best ways we’ve found that we may be able to improve our immune systems is with the aid of an IV immune boost.

But just what is an IV immune booster? Let’s take a look at the science behind this therapy that’s helping people.

Before someone can get an IV immune booster they need to have a consultation with a medical professional. This medical professional will speak to a patient about what sort of treatment is going to work best for them, then review their health goals, medical situation, and other variables.

When all is said and done, if all is right, the procedure can go forth. Because of the science, the procedure is actually quite simple. The patient will get an IV inserted and then have fluid delivered to their body through a safe, sterile saline solution.

Here’s the science behind why an IV is used. The IV is a quicker, more effective way to deliver immune boosting supplements to a person. When you ingest something, say a vitamin supplement, that supplement has to pass all the way through your digestive system before you can start to receive its benefits. This has two problems. The first is that this will take longer. The second is that you will lose a lot of the benefits of the supplement along the way in the digestive system. The IV skips all of that and gets the benefits to the patient almost immediately, without losing much of anything.

Most patients do not report IVs as causing too much pain or discomfort. Mostly they feel a slight pinch when it is inserted but after that, it’s usually quite tolerable.

So, the patient gets an IV immune boost delivered to their system. (And, by the way, the patient can return to their normal daily schedule after receiving the treatment. There is no downside needed.) Now what happens?

Well, the science behind the immune booster is that it can strengthen a patient’s immune system so that they can better fight off disease. It should make them able to avoid getting sick but it should also be able to help them fight off disease in the event that they eventually get sick. (Even with science there are no guarantees!)

Experts recommend that continued treatments will help keep the immune system strong and ready for more battles.

The best place to get an IV immune boost treatment is at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills. You can call (310) 407-0542 and to book an appointment.

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