What is IV Therapy and Can It Benefit Me?

These last few years have really tested our immune systems. It is constantly facing challenges and trying to defend your body from infection.

Every now and then, it might be beneficial to provide your system some aid by looking into getting an immune boost, and the good news is that it can benefit just about every single person on the planet.

IV Therapy

One such way to boost your immunity is by visiting us at RWA Center in Beverly Hills and booking an IV immune boost therapy session.

IV therapy works like this: you come visit us in Los Angeles, and we’ll discuss what type of immune boost IV therapy session would be beneficial to you. Later, once you’ve consulted with us and we’ve come up with a plan, we can get you into an IV therapy session and start getting natural ingredients (in a sterile saline solution) into your body.

Going through an IV helps your body receive the benefits faster because it can get right into your system via the IV. If you have to eat something to try and get benefits from it, it takes longer because it has to pass through your digestive system first, and you may lose some benefits along the way. IV therapy is more direct, and can be much more effective.

The good news is that IV therapy is fairly simple and not very painful. You’ll possibly feel a pinch when the catheter is inserted but are unlikely to feel too much discomfort during the actual infusion.

You should start to feel the benefits of IV therapy very quickly and regular use of the immune boost IV therapy can help to keep your immune system ready for anything the world throws at it. It may even help you get sick less often, or if you are sick with a cold or flu, you might be able to fight them off even faster than usual.

Many of our IV infusions contain Vitamin C, which can give you a quick Vitamin C boost. Our High Dose Vitamin C Infusion contains just the basics: IV fluids, electrolytes, and a whopping 25G of Vitamin C. There’s also the All-Inclusive IV which contains B-12, B-Complex, Vitamin C, Glutathione Push, Magnesium, Zinc, and MIC + L-Carnitine. That can get you a Vitamin C boost as well as some other boosts. The Myers Cocktail IV contains Vitamin C, B-12, B-Complex, and Magnesium. So you can see there are quite a few different ways to get your Vitamin C boost from us.

So contact us and we can discuss which IV therapies will be beneficial to you and get you on the road to that immune boost you’re looking for!

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