Peptides: Fast Facts to Know

Peptides are something you might remember learning about in science class. They are short chains of amino acids (somewhere from two to fifty) that are linked by chemical bonds, also known as peptide bonds. Your body makes peptides. What do peptides do for your body? They can do a variety of important things, depending on their classes.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about these chains of amino acids and what they can do for you. Studies have found that certain types of peptides may have benefits for your skin, your muscles, and even your weight. Some peptides are sold as supplements which can help with a large range of things including boosting fat loss, building muscle, and aiding in muscle recovery.

RWA Center in Beverly Hills has many such peptides for sale. The peptides are carefully selected and proven. They have all been demonstrated as safe in scientific testing and they all naturally occur within the human body. If you’re interested in purchasing peptides sold by RWA Center, you’ll need to have a consultation with one of our medical providers so they can perform a careful exam of past medical history and your health and wellness goals. This way, they can accurately assess what peptide would be the most beneficial to you. This consultation costs $250.

Let’s look at some peptide examples. Rapamycin is a peptide that is used in the prevention of transplant rejection. It can also help with anti-aging.

Another example is NAD+, which is a key coenzyme that helps with multiple metabolic functions. Melanotan II provides a protective mechanism against UV rays.

PT-141 and Selank are peptides that work in the brain. Semax helps improve attention and memory. There’s also a Semax and Selank 50:50 combo that combines the benefits of both at the same time.

AOD 9604 is a peptide that offers regenerative properties. This is beneficial to bones and joints. Semaglutide is known to reduce body weight through lowered food intake and reduced appetite and also reduces insulin secretion.

BPC 157 promotes wound healing, and especially in the digestive tract. CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin is a combination of peptides that act like a human growth hormone stimulator. iRGD is a peptide that can make tumors more vulnerable to chemotherapy and other treatments.

MK-677, or Ibutamoren, has been shown to increase the secretion of growth hormone. Met-Enkephalin is a peptide that acts as a neurotransmitter.

Pentosan Polysulfate is a peptide used for relief from osteoarthritis. Kisspeptin influences testosterone. PNC 27 has been called the “anti-cancer peptide” as it has the ability to target and damage the membranes of cancer cells. 

DSIP can help with pain management and substance withdrawal and Cerebrolysin is a very small peptide that can promote the health of neurons in the brain and protect them from damage.

Those are some fast facts about peptides. They may offer a wide variety of benefits and if you were interested in learning more about them, you could head to the RWA Center in Beverly Hills.

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