NAD: The Peptide People Are Talking About

Peptides are short chains of amino acids – from two to fifty in length and linked by chemical bonds, also known as peptide bonds – that occur naturally in your body. Peptides have many benefits for humans.

Some benefits that peptides provide to humans are in managing your weight, helping your skin and even boosting your muscles.

One peptide that’s receiving a lot of attention recently is NAD+. NAD is a key coenzyme that may help with lots of different metabolic functions.

NAD may sharpen one’s eyesight, increase one’s metabolism, speed up one’s recovery from an injury, improve one’s cardiovascular health, decrease one’s pain, boost one’s energy, and so much more. This is because it signals other enzymes to begin their biological processes. A sort of biological green light, if you will.

The thing about your levels of NAD is that they decrease as you continue to age. In fact, it has been thought that decreasing levels of NAD may potentially contribute to the aging process itself, so you might see why NAD is considered so vital to so many in the medical industry. How can we slow the aging process is an eternal medical question.

NAD is just one of the many peptides that might be beneficial to a patient that can be obtained from RWA Center in Beverly Hills.

Others include peptides that may promote the health of neurons in the brain, may improve memory and attention, may provide relief from osteoarthritis, and may reduce body weight and body fat mass through reduced appetite and a lower food intake.

The great thing is that these peptides have all been demonstrated to be safe through scientific testing because they all occur within the human body naturally.

If you are a patient interested in receiving peptides you should first have a consultation with one of our medical providers at RWA Center in Los Angeles so we can get an overview of your health and wellness goals. This consultation costs $250 and when our medical professional finishes they will be able to accurately assess which peptides will be beneficial to you.

If you are interested in NAD or any of the other peptides offered, you should inquire with us at RWA Center in Beverly Hills or call at (310) 407-0542.

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