Is TruSculpt iD Right For Me?

A very popular treatment that many patients are turning to for tru body sculpting has people talking. It also has people asking questions. People may be wondering if this therapy is the right one for them. This blog is here to answer that question.

TruSculpt iD is a therapy that can be found at RWA Center in Los Angeles. It is a process that can help patients get the body contouring that they are looking for without dealing with painful or invasive procedures.

The big question people might be wondering about truSculpt iD treatment is: is this treatment right for me?

The answer is not an obvious yes or no. There are certainly factors that are different for every patient that will determine if a tru body sculpt is the right thing for the right person but generally speaking, this treatment actually can be right for most people!

It should be noted first off that truSculpt iD is not a weight loss procedure. If weight loss is the intended goal, patients should turn to other procedures to get those results. This treatment is for after patients have lost weight and are looking to contour areas that remain problems after the weight loss. That’s where truSculpt iD steps in.

TruSculpt iD applies RF energy to the patient’s skin. The energy goes deep into the patient’s layers of fat and heats up the fat cells so they can be eliminated. The good news is that this process isn’t painful. It may make the patient’s skin feel warm, which can be mildly uncomfortable for some people (though most people tend to not have many problems with the feeling).

This is because fat cells don’t send pain signals, so when they’re being heated up and naturally removed by your body, they’re not sending any messages.

The end result is that patients receive help with their problem areas without having to go through any sort of invasive procedure. It’s a safe therapy that doesn’t cause irritation or damage the patient’s skin.

It’s also fairly quick. It takes about fifteen minutes to target one area. Patients may have more than one area treated during a visit if they have several problem areas they want to have worked on. There’s no down time afterwards.
So to answer the question: is truSculpt iD treatment right for me? It very likely is! As long as some of those things that have been mentioned describe you in a way. If you aren’t sure, you could contact us at RWA Center in Beverly Hills and come in and talk with us and we can consult you further!

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