Five Surprising Facts About NAD IV Therapy

There’s a fabulous therapy that is gaining a lot of steam amongst the medical community called NAD IV therapy. Maybe you’re heard about it or maybe you haven’t but it is being talked about more and more.

If you’ve heard about it and want to know more or if you don’t know what we’re talking about and you’re curious to learn, here are five surprising facts about NAD+ IV therapy.

1. NAD is actually a peptide.

Peptides are more common terms. Even if you’ve not heard of NAD before, you may have heard of peptides. They even come up in science class. Peptides are occurring naturally in the body. They have a vast amount of health benefits and important functions within people and NAD is simply one of those. This is why many people turn towards forms of peptide therapy: because they are aware of the important functions that peptides do for people and want to boost their capabilities.

2. NAD’s function is to signal other peptides.

NAD is a signal sender. Its job is to activate other enzymes in the body and get them to start their processes. As such, NAD has been connected to potential health benefits like: sharpening cardiovascular health, improving eyesight, decreasing internal pain, and speeding up the healing process. Plus, it may also improve a patient’s energy. Its function as a signal sender, starting up the body’s mechanisms, is quite vital.

3. Some research has shown that NAD may be important in the fight against aging.

It has been noted by some that as people age, the levels of NAD within them decrease. There may potentially be a connection there and so one must wonder: if we were able to boost the levels of NAD in our bodies, could we potentially fight back against the aging process itself? A fascinating thing to consider.

4. NAD IV therapy uses an IV because it’s more effective.

When you ingest something, say a vitamin, it has to pass through your entire digestive system. This means it can lose any number of benefits along the way before it can be absorbed fully by your system. This can be quite inefficient. With an IV, the benefits of the boost, in this case, the NAD, reach your system almost immediately and they lose very little benefits along the way by bypassing the digestive system.

5. NAD+ IV therapy is actually pretty simple and quick.

You might think such an excellent treatment might be more involved, but, in fact, the procedure doesn’t ask that much of a patient. It usually takes about an hour, just so that the body can absorb as many benefits as possible, and only asks the patient to sit there. They can watch TV or read while the process goes on and when it’s over, they may return to their normal day activities with no downtime. There’s very little pain involved – a slight pinch when the IV is inserted – but most patients find it to be very tolerable.

So there you have it: five surprising facts about this wonderful therapy. If you’d like to learn more or if you’d like to book an appointment and try it for yourself, the best place to do so is the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills. Call (310) 407-0542 to learn more or set up an appointment to come in.

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