Does UBI Therapy Hurt?

UBI therapy is a fascinating and quite useful treatment that many patients are exploring to improve their health.

Still, many people have questions about UBI therapy, like does UBI therapy hurt? It’s a fair question. Let’s explore the topic a little.

First of all, let us take a look at what UBI is. UBI stands for ultraviolet blood irradiation. This is a treatment that helps the patient with their blood. UBI therapy is considered safe and multiple studies have shown that it does not have any recorded bad side effects while it has also been shown to potentially boost one’s immunity, kill a lot of bacteria and viruses in one’s bloodstream, and rejuvenate their blood overall.

UBI therapy works in a fairly simple manner. The science behind it has been established and known for centuries. It uses UV, or ultraviolet, light which has cleansing effects in very much the same way that sunlight can be a disinfectant.

During a UBI therapy, blood is drawn. It is then sent through a machine that emits an ultraviolet light. This machine cleanses the blood, like sunlight, with UV rays. In general, you can expect this treatment to kill bacteria and viruses. After your blood is cleansed, it simply gets returned to your system.

So to answer the question as to whether UBI therapy hurts? Not particularly. Perhaps just a little bit with the first insertion into the vein, but after that it shouldn’t be more than a little uncomfortable and most people don’t even find it to be that uncomfortable. And when you’re done with the procedure, you can go about your day. You should be feeling rejuvenated more than anything.

There’s another treatment offered at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills that isn’t too far afield from UBI therapy called Ozone therapy.

We mention this because Ozone therapy is, like UBI, a blood related therapy as well. In this therapy, however, blood is boosted with rich and pure ozone instead of cleaned with ultraviolet light.

Ozone therapy comes in two flavors. One is known as Major Autohemotherapy. This treatment is when you get highly purified ozone entered right into your blood. This raises the oxygen levels in your entire body. The other is called 10 Pass Hyperbaric Ozone Therapy. Here your blood is drawn, infused with ozone, and then is returned to your system. “10 Pass” refers to the number of times it is recommended you receive the treatment to receive the full benefits from it. Professionals also recommend continued maintenance treatments afterwards to continue receiving benefits. This all varies, of course, on the patient’s condition coming in so it is important to discuss all of this with one of our trained professionals ahead of time.

These blood-based treatments can be had at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills, purchased separately or in a package for savings. If you are interested, call (310) 407-0542 and you can get started on boosting your blood!

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