Does NAD+ IV Therapy Really Work?

If you’ve come looking for answers about NAD+ IV therapy and whether it really works, this is the blog for you. We’re going to take a look at what NAD+ IV therapy is and talk about its potential benefits to determine if the treatment really works. So if you’ve come here looking for that answer, continue reading!

Let us begin by discussing what NAD IV therapy actually is.

NAD IV therapy is a treatment that involves the reception of the peptide NAD through the use of an IV.

Why is an IV used? Because this has been found to be the most direct way for a patient to receive any potential benefits from the treatment they are receiving. This doesn’t go just for NAD+, but many treatments are delivered intravenously. When you administer something in this manner it allows the medication or what have you to bypass the digestive system, where many of the benefits may get lost.

So let’s just back to something we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago: peptides. Peptides occur naturally within a patient’s body and have a multitude of vital health benefits. They also perform important jobs within the body.

NAD is a peptide, itself. As such, it has many vital health benefits and it performs a number of tasks in the body. As you might imagine, such an important peptide would be useful and boosting that peptide via peptide therapy might provide all sorts of important benefits to any patient who is interested in receiving it.

So what does NAD do? Well, here’s just a small list of the potential health benefits NAD has been observed in the past as having achieved: a sharpening of the patient’s cardiovascular health, an ability to aid in improving eyesight, the ability to decrease internal pains and speed up injury recovery time, and the ability to boost a patient’s energy. It is able to potentially do this multitude of things because NAD actually is a signal sender. It signals the other enzymes in the patient’s body and activates them so that they can perform their natural processes. It jump starts the machine, so to speak.

An interesting note about NAD that some researchers have noticed is that there may potentially be a connection between the aging process and the levels of NAD in a patient’s body decreasing. As such, the potential is there for NAD boosts like those in NAD IV therapy to help in slowing down the aging process.

NAD+ IV therapy is also a mostly quick and simple procedure. It takes only about an hour, doesn’t require the patient to do much but relax and take in the NAD through an IV, and then when it’s over, the patient can return to their normal day as there is no downtime for the treatment.

If you’re interested in learning more or trying NAD for yourself, it can be had at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills. Call us at (310) 407-0542 and book an appointment and give it a shot!

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