Can an IV Immune Booster Keep Me from Getting Sick?

Getting sick is so annoying. We take for granted our ability to breathe free and easily until we get hit with some illness that has us stuffed up and coughing. No one wants to get sick and everyone wants to find ways to avoid illness.

One trusted such way that many are looking into for help avoiding disease is an IV immune booster.

But can an IV immune booster actually keep you from getting sick? Let’s discuss.

An IV immune boost is a simple procedure where a patient, after a consultation with a medical professional where they will speak to them about what kind of treatment is going to work best, and review their health goals, health situation, and other variables, can receive an IV based therapy.

During this therapy, the patient will have fluid delivered right into their system through a sterile and safe saline solution.

This is a clever way to deliver the benefits of the immune booster because it is able to bypass the digestive system like this. The digestive system is quite long and when you intake things like vitamins or supplements to try and boost your immunity, they get beaten up traveling along the digestive system and may lose many of their benefits along the way. There’s no such problem when using an IV. The fluid gets right into the system and can begin aiding a patient almost immediately.

People may wonder if the IV hurts, but in fact most patients find it to be not too uncomfortable or painful. There’s always the slight pinch that one may feel when the IV is inserted but the process after, including the part when the immune boost is delivered, often leads to very little discomfort, if any.

So let’s return to the question posed by the blog: can an IV immune booster prevent you from getting sick? The truth is, there are no guarantees in life. Even someone with the strongest immune system in the world can get sick depending on what they are exposed to and someone with an incredibly weak immune system isn’t sick all the time. Such is life. What we can tell you is this: it’s better to face the world from a position of strength. Take on the things life throws at you, like diseases, with a strengthened immune system so you are better prepared to fight them off. Nothing is 100% guaranteed but you can definitely do things to increase your odds of avoiding sickness.

Plus, it is recommended that you continue getting IV treatments so you can continue strengthening your immune system. That’s right, you can continue boosting it to better and better fight illness. The good news is, even if you get sick, a strong immune system may help you fight off the illness more quickly.

IV immune boost treatments are offered at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills. If you want to approach the world with strength and get that immune system boosted, call (310) 407-0542 and set up an appointment to come talk to us.

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