Many of us struggle to lose weight, even when following a healthy lifestyle. Your body may lack key vitamins and nutrients that can boost your weight loss efforts.

Exercise builds calories and burns muscle. However, the body may not have all the resources it needs to turn a workout into weight loss. Our evidence-based IV formula gives your body that necessary boost to maximize your weight loss. Many of us struggle to lose weight, even when following a healthy lifestyle. Your body may lack key vitamins and nutrients that can boost your weight loss efforts.

IV weight management therapy infuses your body with everything it needs to recover after exercise and burn fat more efficiently. If you’ve had trouble losing weight, this treatment may be the final piece of your puzzle.




Your body needs to recover after exercise. Without this recovery, you lose some of the fat-burning and muscle-building activity that promotes weight loss.

Certain vitamins and minerals fuel the body’s needs while recovering from exercise. Eating enough nourishing foods and getting enough quality sleep helps your body recover, but sometimes you need more than that.

Our IV Weight Loss treatment includes:

  • IV fluids to rehydrate the body
  • B-Complex vitamins to help the body burn food and produce energy
  • Vitamin B12 for increased energy
  • Vitamin C for healthier muscles, bones, and blood vessels
  • L-Carnitine, which research suggests helps reduce fat and build muscle
  • Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC), which helps the body burn fat

You will have a catheter inserted into a small vein under the skin. This gives the IV fluid direct access to your bloodstream, dispersing it throughout the body as fast as possible.

Instead of passing through the digestive system, where many of the vitamins and minerals in our diet cannot be absorbed, the body can use IV treatment right away. The body will use these vital nutrients to help itself recover and become stronger.

You can expect to feel your body recover more quickly after a workout and feel more energized. Our energy-boosting vitamins will help your body benefit fully from your healthy lifestyle.

While not a magic weight loss solution, this IV treatment provides intensive therapy to your body when it needs to restore and heal itself. After exercise, when your body most needs hydration and support, this unique combination of supplements helps it rest and become stronger.

Since your body needs and uses all of these vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis, all are safe and readily accepted by the body. Almost anyone can receive the treatment.

However, this therapy is intended to support and complement your weight loss routine. Without the vital components of a healthy diet and regular exercise, IV therapy alone will probably not result in weight loss.

There is no downtime with this treatment. You will stay for up to several hours while you receive treatment, but you can resume all normal activities when you leave.

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