If you have been feeling tired or looking for a quick way to boost your radiance and overall health, a vitamin shot can quickly provide the needed nutrients.

Our specially blended vitamin shots give you immediate results for the energy or vitality boost you need. Delivered subcutaneously, they reach the bloodstream and travel throughout the body for use as needed.

We offer several different vitamin shots to meet your needs:

The Energizer

This shot has been packed full of critical B vitamins. Involved in helping the body break down nutrients into energy and using that energy throughout the body, B vitamins may become depleted. This shot restores them to high levels in the body.

Slim Shot

Containing Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and a host of other amino acids that act on the metabolism, this shot can boost your current weight management plan by giving your body the amino acids it needs to regulate itself.


Packed with biotin, a nutrient necessary for healthy hair and nails, this shot gives extra nourishment to improve the condition and appearance of dry, brittle hair or nails.


Our bodies synthesize Vitamin D naturally when skin is exposed to the sun. Instead of risking sun damage, this shot can give you a dose of this key vitamin that almost no one gets enough of.

You will receive a shot, similar to vaccination or injection of medication. Before giving the shot, your provider will sterilize the area to prevent infection. You should not see or feel any side effects of this treatment.

You can expect that the shots will deliver the desired results, depending on which shot you have chosen. Many people choose to schedule several treatments to enhance their results.

Flawless may be used on an ongoing basis to keep hair and nails in optimal condition, and Slim Shot will provide consistent nutritional support for your weight management. SunBathe can be used regularly to keep your levels of Vitamin D at a beneficial level, and The Energizer can give you an energy boost any time you feel like you might need one.

Most of us have received shots in the arm, like vaccines, in the past. This shot is no worse and is over in moments. These vitamins and amino acids occur naturally in the human body, so most people can benefit from these shots.

You can go back to normal activities as soon as you have received your shot. You should not expect any downtime or any side effect.

Our vitamin shots offer an affordable option for those who need an instant boost or want to enjoy long-term benefits.

The Energizer Price – $45

Slim Shot Price – $45

Flawless Price – $45

SunBathe Price – $45

For questions about our vitamin shots, pricing, or scheduling, please feel free to contact us.

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