Why is My Weight Loss Program Not Working?

Let’s imagine for a second you are trying to lose weight. You’ve seen about one diet or another. Maybe you’ve even tried one. Maybe you’ve tried to develop some kind of weight loss program based on a diet or weight loss trick you’ve heard.

But the results still seem to be the same: you can’t seem to lose the weight. So why isn’t your weight loss program working for you?

The answer is both complex and simple. Simply put: a quick fix approach to weight loss is simply not going to do it. Weight loss programs that tell you they can fix anything and everything with one neat little trick are promising something that won’t get lasting results.

The truth is, if you want a weight loss program that actually works, you need a smarter, more complex approach, like the one offered at the Los Angeles-based RWA Center in Beverly Hills, California.

The system offered at RWA Center in Los Angeles is not like those other, less successful ones because it aims to create long term results. It has been built up with an emphasis on helping the patient through their weight-loss journey.

The first step in the process is a thorough consultation with one of our professionals. They’ll talk to you about formulating a plan that’s part of a complete health journey. See, it’s not just the quick weight loss we’re in search of. It’s getting you to a place you want to be and then keeping you there. It’s not about changing your diet, it’s about changing your life.

Part of formulating the plan includes a discussion about your medical history, genetics, and your lifestyle. It also includes a complete physical and blood work, along with a body composition test. We’ll look at the results and talk about them with you and then work on your health goals. When we have all of that info, we can start to make a plan.

Part of this plan might include a prescription for a GLP-1 medication, which includes medicines like Ozempic, a diabetic drug which has recently shown promising results in potentially helping with weight loss.

If not Ozempic, you may receive prescriptions for other drugs like semaglutides Wegovy or Rybelsus, a Dulaglutide like Trulicity, or Saxenda, another diabetes medication. Also, Mounjaro, aka Tirzepatide, could be on the table.

After the initial meet and we enact the weight loss plan, we’ll schedule to meet back up with you around three months later. This is when we’ll discuss a maintenance program with you. This is how we make sure this weight loss program works for you. We want you to maintain your healthier body moving forward.

The added bonus if you sign up at RWA Center for the weight loss program is you’ll also be eligible to receive three free Evoke treatment sessions, which, on their own, are valued at three thousand dollars.
The good news is that weight loss programs can work, you just need to find the right one. We believe we’ve cracked that code. Call us at (310) 407-0542 and we’ll get you started on the right path toward a healthier you.

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