How can NAD benefit me?

One question that people are constantly wondering about – and quite frankly have been wondering about since the beginning of time – is how can I prevent aging? Aging is something humans have long dealt with and finding, for lack of a better word, a cure for aging has been a persistent goal.

As science has gotten better at finding answers, scientists have begun to scratch the surface of how people can battle back against the aging process. One exciting way that many have been talking about is through the aid of the peptide NAD.

NAD is a key coenzyme that helps with many different metabolic functions within you but the really interesting thing about NAD is that the levels of this coenzyme inside of you decrease as you age. Now, many who study these things have begun to consider whether the decreasing levels of NAD may be a potential contributor to the aging process. If that’s so, getting more NAD into you might help you to work against the aging process.

NAD also has many other potential benefits. It may improve your cardiovascular health, it may boost your energy, it may sharpen your eyesight, it may help to increase your recovery from an injury or decrease pains within you. This is because NAD signals other enzymes within you to start their biological processes. It’s a signal to get things working.

NAD+ IV therapy is offered at RWA Center in Beverly Hills and can help you get that quick boost of NAD your body just might need.

The good thing about NAD, too, is that it’s natural. It’s a peptide and peptides occur naturally within you. Peptides provide all kinds of benefits to people. There are peptides that help with your brain and peptides that help with improving attention and memory. There are peptides that help with your internal systems, like ones that promote wound healing, especially within your digestive tract, and others that may act like human growth hormone stimulators.

Some peptides can even help provide you protective mechanisms against harmful UV rays.

Peptides have even been known to help with metabolic functions and some have been known to generate weight loss by reducing appetite and lowering food intake.

So NAD is one peptide that can certainly benefit you but there are many more available at RWA Center in Los Angeles and if you get a consultation with one of our medical providers who will give you a careful exam and take a look at your past medical history, along with overviewing your health and wellness goals, they can help get you set up with the right peptide for you.

Contact us for more information. We’d love to help!

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