ACTIVApatch IontoGo 12.0 – NAD + Glutathione


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ACTIVApatch IontoGo 12.0 Iontophoretic Drug Delivery System is a single-use, disposable, non-invase drug system that delivers 12.0 hours of NAD with glutathione. It’s an extended wear patch with an average drug delivery dose of 80m-Amp*min treatment in 12 hours. 

ACTIVpatch IontoGo is a wireless system with a self-contained battery that is allows you to continue your life as normal all while receiving iontophoresis.


  • IontoGo 12.0 patches
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Vials of NAD+ (750mg) + Glutathione (250mg)
  • Vials of sterile water

*First time patients must consult with our provider prior to purchase.*

*1 Box includes 6 Patches*

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1 Patch, 1 Box