COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal Antibodies are produced in a laboratory to act as substitute antibodies to fight the COVID-19 virus. They have the ability to neutralize the virus and block the virus from attaching to the human cells; making it difficult for the virus to multiple and cause harm, giving you passive immunity.

Who is eligible for monoclonal antibody treatments?

Have recently tested positive for COVID-19

Experiencing mild to moderate symptoms

Immunocompromised individuals

Are at high-risk for developing complications

Immunosuppressive Disease/Immunosuppressive Treatment

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During this time we are complying with or exceeding all local, state, and federal guidelines for COVID-19 best practices. We have changed our scheduling to avoid unnecessary contact, and we sterilize thoroughly after each patient. Masks will be worn in the facility at all times unless they need to be removed for treatment. We take all possible steps to protect you and our staff from COVID-19. We will update our protocols according to official safety recommendations.

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