What are the Benefits of PRP Treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma is often heard of for treating sports injuries but has recently gained popularity in the cosmetic industry. PRP treatments can improve your treatments from lessening recovery time from procedures to improving the results of microneedling. 

What are PRP Treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are injections or the use of PRP to improve a procedure’s results or aid in healing an injury. In the medical field, PRP is currently used to speed up the recovery of sports injuries. 

Robertson Wellness Aesthetics uses PRP in microneedling treatments to aid in recovery and enhance the effects of microneedling. The PRP promotes faster healing, encourages skin tissue growth, and improves the quality of your skin. 

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What are the Benefits of PRP Treatments?

PRP treatments can improve the effectiveness of many procedures. Injections can brighten dark circles under your eyes and promote hair growth on the scalp. At Robertson Wellness Aesthetics, adding PRP to your microneedling treatment can benefit you by:

Reducing Recovery Time

PRP is the part of the blood responsible for clotting and healing injuries. Adding PRP to microneedling treatments can diminish effects such as redness or swelling and reduce the recovery time. 

Promote More Collagen Production

The micro-channels made by microneedling create pathways for the PRP to reach deeper layers of skin. The cellular reproduction properties of PRP can help promote collagen production and the other healing properties of the skin. 

Improved Skin Quality

The cellular regeneration qualities of PRP can improve the quality of your skin. The new cells are brighter and healthier, resulting in younger-looking skin. You may notice your skin is plumper and more well-hydrated, too. 

Improve Microneedling Results

Microneedling can treat multiple conditions such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, age spots, and scarring. PRP can improve the effectiveness of your microneedling treatments, particularly by reducing the appearance of scarring. 

Results of PRP Treatments

The full results of your PRP microneedling treatments may develop gradually over the next couple of days. Most people need several treatments to see their ideal results, but with PRP microneedling, you may need less than traditional microneedling.

After PRP microneedling, you may notice tighter, more lifted skin with fewer wrinkles. You may also see improvements in hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and other skin issues. Collagen production continues months after your final treatment, meaning you’ll see continual improvement.

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP Treatments?

Virtually anyone can be a good candidates for PRP treatments since it is drawn from your own blood. You may experience sensitivity, redness, and swelling with PRP microneedling. The side effects resolve within 48 hours, in many cases faster with the PRP healing properties. 

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an active skin condition or are taking certain medications, you might not be a good candidate for PRP treatments. 

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