10g Vitamin C + B12 + B-Complex + Zinc

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Vitamin Boost Benefits

Antioxidant Support

Combats low energy

Plasma Level Increase

Improves Mental Clarity

Immune Boost

Promote healthy skin

Enhance Energy Levels

Superior Absorption vs Oral Intake

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What Can IV Immune Boost Do for You?

Our Immune Boost therapy helps your immune system defend your body, fight off an illness in progress, or recover more rapidly. In its fight against infections, the immune system works better when it has the support it needs.

IV Immune Boost therapy promotes immune resilience by enriching your body with essential nutrients, aiding in the rapid detection and neutralization of pathogens, and supporting the efficient function of immune cells.

Over time, IV Immune Boost therapy contributes to sustained immune health by supporting the body's natural repair processes and maintaining the optimal functioning of the immune system.

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Certified medical professionals:

Vadim Borchenko, RN

With more than 20 years of experience and extensive training in oncology and hematology.

Biana Krayevsky, RN

Biana Krayevsky has more than 20 years of nursing experience in home and hospital settings.

Madhuri Chadha, MD

Dr. Madh is our experienced, board-certified medical physician and celebrity beauty expert.

Dr. Ram Dandillaya, MD

Dr. Dandillaya is Board-Certified in cardiovascular diseases and internal medicine.

Dr. David Ng, MD

Dr. Ng is Board-Certified in internal medicine, pulmonary diseases, and critical care medicine.

Hear Our Clients

I suffer from white coat syndrome. The vibe at this center completely eased my nerves. Truthfully have never been this comfortable while being uncomfortable (stomach bug). They took care of me swiftly and I left feeling better both physically and emotionally! Highly recommend.

Nick Borchenko

Loved my experience here! I got the energy boost IV therapy and it was so quick and easy. I felt amazing after and highly recommend this sweet and comforting staff!

Reagan Dowd

The treatment experience has been amazing. The nurses take their time and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process. Both my mom and myself have been receiving NAD+ infusions and it’s made such a positive impact in our energy levels and better sleep. Can’t wait for our next appointment.

Guadalupe Ochoa

I’ve been dealing with mold toxicity. My doctor recommended high dose, ozone treatment. This place is the best. Vadiim is so amazing at what he does. I am starting to feel a lot better after reaching 10 passes of ozone. I highly recommend.

Sashani B

Book now IV Vitamin Boost Therapy


Immune Boost IV Therapy is a treatment designed to enhance your immune system’s function by directly delivering a high dose of Vitamin C (10mg), along with B12, B-Complex, and Zinc, into your bloodstream.

A 10mg dose of Vitamin C can significantly support the immune system by promoting cellular function and acting as a powerful antioxidant to protect against damage from free radicals.

B12 and B-Complex vitamins are crucial for energy production, DNA synthesis, and the maintenance of healthy nerve cells, which can indirectly support immune health by ensuring the body’s systems operate efficiently.

Zinc is essential for immune cell function and signaling and has been shown to reduce the duration and severity of cold symptoms.

The frequency depends on your individual health goals and needs. It’s best to consult with a healthcare provider to tailor the therapy to your specific situation.

Yes, besides boosting the immune system, this therapy can help improve energy levels, mental clarity, and overall well-being due to the essential nutrients it provides.

When administered by a qualified healthcare professional, this therapy is safe. However, individual reactions can vary, so it’s important to discuss any health concerns with your provider beforehand.

A session typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the specific protocol and individual considerations.

During the therapy, you might feel a cool sensation. Afterward, many report feeling increased energy and an overall sense of well-being, although individual experiences can vary.

Side effects are generally rare and might include minor bruising or discomfort at the injection site. More serious side effects are uncommon and can be mitigated by consulting with your healthcare provider.




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